Manly Leagues Bridge Club News

Manly Leagues 2016 Competition Results

A Grade

1sr   A Milovanovic & P Flynn

2nd  M & M Draper

3rd  L Abbenbroek & C Dowling


B Grade

1st   S Cole & C Dempster


Swiss Pairs

1st L Abbenbroek & C Dowling

2nd  B Menzies & J McLennan

3rd  R Smith & M Paterson



1st C dempster L Baker R Smith M Paterson

2nd  Y Perkins L Treasure J Ardill H Van Weeren P Clarke


Presidents Cup

1st V Eldridge & P Clarke

2nd L Treasure & Y Perkins

3nd B Menzies & J McLennan


Gower Trophy

1st A Small & A Milovanovic

2nd G Brown & E Wallis

3rd B Menzies & J McLennan


Addison Trophy

1st B Menzies & J McLennan

2nd J & C Castle

3rd J Murdoch & C Dempster




Unfortunately there will be no bridge on the folllowing dates as the club have no facilities available to us.

Wed 18 Jan

Thurs 19 Jan

SUn 29 Jan

Wed 1 Mar

Wed 1 Nov


The two Gower Trophy sessions will be played the following Wednesdays 8 March  and 8 November.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




No bridge at Manly Leagues

sorry wrong dates posted

The club have advised there is no room available on the following dates


Wednesday.  30 Nov & 7 Dec

Thursday. 8 Dec @ 22 Dec







No Bridge at Manly Leagues

the club has advised there will be no room available for bridge on the following dates

Wed. 30 Nov and 7 Dec

Thurs. 7 Dec and 22 Dec


Sunday 20 Nov play will be in Encores Annex