For beginners, improvers, intermediate and even advanced players wanting to learn more...

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learn how to think play duplicate bridge 300x300Combines the analytics of chess, poker's people reading skills, and the partner instinct of doubles tennis - brilliant! 

There are lots of ways to start the great journey:

  1. Face to face lessons at a bridge club or on a private basis
  2. Online lessons
  3. Reading some of the great bridge books

Whichever way you start you then play at your local bridge club and/or online. Bridge is easy to learn but damn hard to master.

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Free improver/intermediate lessons

The Manly Leagues Bridge Club offers free 30 minute lessons for improvers and intermediate players every Thursday evening from 6.45-7.15pm before its normal play session.

In September we have guest teacher, Greg Quittner, talking on take-out and penalty doubles. Regular teacher, David Farmer, will cover tips for declarer play in October. See our separate flier for more details.

We offer a small separate side game for those who do not want to play in our open session that follows the lessons.

Bridge is a Journey

There is always more to learn and different options to try in bridge. Whether it is learning the game as as a beginner, reinforcing the principles with improver lessons and supervised play, or understanding or refining play tactics or bidding gadgets, bridge offers ongoing mental challenges and individual and social learning opportunities for those so inclined.

Many clubs offer lessons and supervised sessions - see those by participating bridge clubs. Many find face-to-face group learning a fun social option. Other players prefer to read bridge books and articles in their own time. Others still may be attracted to some of the great interactive bridge learning and playing software that is available. See on this site for further information.

And of course there is always the productive and satisfying option of discussing hands just played after a session with a glass in hand at those clubs with these facilities.


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We will respond to questions by email and publish the question (with just your initials) and answer here on the website. Make sure you give us all the relevant information such as the full bidding, dealer and vulnerability and information about any relevant conventions. A jpg, png or gif image of the hand is good (snap it with a phone camera such as CamScanner) - otherwise please list all the cards for each hand such as S KJT84 H A973 D - C QJT2.

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