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We will respond to questions by email and publish the question (with just your initials) and answer here on the website. Make sure you give us all the relevant information such as the full bidding, dealer and vulnerability and information about any relevant conventions. A jpg, png or gif image of the hand is good (snap it with a phone camera such as CamScanner) - otherwise please list all the cards for each hand such as S KJT84 H A973 D - C QJT2.

Partner bids 5H?

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MB wrote: East deals and opens 1 diamond. My partner doubles forcing me to bid when west passes. I have 5 HCP, five spades, one heart, three diamonds and four clubs. I bid 1S. Opponents bid 4D, partner bids 4S. Opponents then bid 5D, and partner bids 5H..What do I do?

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How to bid these hands

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DC asked: How would you bid these two hands:

1. Opener holds S AQx H Kxx D Ax C KQxxx and partner holds S Jxxxxx H A D Kxx CJxx, and 
2. The opening bid was 1D and responder is holding S Qxxx H AK D AQJxx C xx?

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What to lead?

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JH wrote: North deals and passes. Partner (east) opens 1C. South bids 1NT, everyone passes. No-one is vulnerable. What is West's best lead from

S KQ93
H 4 
D T654
C J754

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Double dummy challenge

BC asked: One of my friends gives me a double dummy problem to solve. I tried and think it needs a squeeze positon to be reached but I failed to solve it. Will you kindly narrate the line of play. The four hands are:

          S K3
          H Q95
          D Q8532
          C KJ8
West                East
S J64               S Q10987
H J876              H KT3
D J64               D K
C T96               C Q753
          S A52
          H A42
          D AT97
          C A42

Contract: 6 NT by South and West leads H6.

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