Items of interest to bridge players...

Finding nearby events and clubs

A small change in BGI over the last month may be useful to some of our readers. You can now find bridge events and clubs within a 5 or 10km distance from a location or address you enter.

This is a new function which is still being tested. You will find two new menu items under the Whats On menu: Nearby Events and Nearby Locations. Simply enter your suburb or full address in the Location field, select the appropriate maximum distance and click on the OK button to display only nearby bridge events (or locations). Feedback welcome!

Have fun

Bridge is fun at so many levels. You can pull off a coup, deceive your opponents with your play, and talk about it afterwards over a glass of wine. 

It is a social game where you play with one friend as your partner, and others as your opponents.

And if you want more than a three hour session, you can combine bridge with a guesthouse getaway or an ocean cruise...

Play hard

Duplicate bridge is ideal for those who want a mind challenge. There is almost no limit to how far you can test yourself...

The luck of the deal is largely eliminated by the duplicate format played in most bridge clubs, where players are scored by how well they do against others who play the same cards. 

In major competitions at the national and international level, screens are used to visually separate partners to reduce the exchange of any information beyong the bids and card play.

Ask your bridge questions

Bridge is a journey of non-ending learning and wondering about the hand that got away. In line with its endeavour to support players of all levels, the Bridge-Game.Info site offers an Ask a Bridge Question service - please ask any bridge questions you might have. You might be interested in the questions that have already been answered.

We also invite This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that might come forward. If you volunteer for this role you will receive an email advice whenever a question is asked and would need to login and contribute your answer (quoting the question) as a normal article in the Learning Hub | Your Questions category. More than one answer can be made for the same question.